how we work

how we work
... How do we work?

Engaging Clients with
A structured roadmap for best Results

At Lamentis, we believe in strategic & tactical planning at a minuscule level. We collaborate with Brands, not like mere service providers but as an integral part of their in-house team. We have a proven process to deliver the best outcome, irrespective of the size & shape of the project. This structured roadmap ensures we are able to serve our clients in the best possible way.

... Our Process

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We connect with Businesses that are looking for tangible solutions to tackle their unique business problems. We work only with organizations whose goals align with ours.


Initial Consultation

At this stage, we sit down with the Client to understand the scope of the project & their unique needs. We work closely with the Client to delve deep into their problems to ensure we all are on the same page during the project.



Once we are clear about the Client's unique requirements, we create an outline of the project, set priorities & define specific, time-bound goals. Such detailed planning ensures we can meet your desired goals in time.



We do not jump in right away. Once the Strategy is ready, we weigh all the possible roadblocks that may arise during the project based on extensive data & industry trends. This helps us prepare well in advance to tackle any upcoming issues.



Our creative Design & Development team builds unique solutions designed to meet our Client’s goals. Our team constantly works on a solution until its perfect as per our Client’s unique identity. Once done, the final product is ready for testing.


Rigorous testing

The next stage is real-life & rigorous testing of our product. This helps us understand any glitches that may arise after launching the platform in advance. Our team will quickly work on the glitches to eliminate them & ensure the finalized product is free of any issues.


Delivery & Launching

We value our Client’s reputation & hence we deliver or launch the product only after its free of any glitches. The final product launching takes place at our Client's behest & requirement.


Support & Maintenance

The story doesn't end after the launch. We keep a vigil eye on our Client's product to ensure it performs as expected without ny hiccups. We also offer quality after-sales support & regular maintenance to ensure the best performance.

Lamentis, Your Reliable
designing & development Partner

At Lamenits, we believe Client Satisfaction is the ultimate reward for any organization. So behind everything we deliver is strategic planning, extensive efforts & timely execution. Instead of focusing on quick project completion, we focus on building solutions that generate long-term value for our clients.
Our solutions are designed to offer you a competitive edge over your competitors & ensure you stay on the top. We focus on creating solutions that assist you in operating your business hassle-free. Our comprehensive services cover all the technology stacks & platforms, making us a one-stop-shop for all your IT needs.


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